Real-time Gunshot Detection & Alert System

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We give police officers the tools and information to respond to and investigate gunshot incidents with clarity and confidence.

How ShotSpotter Helps Law Enforcement


We empower institutions such as airports, schools and businesses to respond instantaneously to active shooter situations.

How ShotSpotter Helps Security

Nearly eight out of ten gunfire events go unreported to 911. Police cannot respond effectively if unaware of an incident.

How ShotSpotter Works

Sensor Deployment

We deploy gunfire specific acoustic-sensing technology in communities worldwide

Software & Human Assessment

Our acoustic sensors identify and time-stamp specific impulsive noises; our system classifies and triangulates the location and type of gunshots within 10 feet; then our experts validate they are gunshots - all within 45 seconds of a gun being fired

Notification to mobile devices

We notify law enforcement and first responders via a digital alert (in-car device or mobile app) of the precise location with a full set of contextual information about the incident

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