Gun crime doesn’t matter unless it results in a homicide or a gunshot wound. 


For every homicide committed with a gun, there are more than 100 gunfire incidents.  
To make neighborhoods safe, it is essential to employ a system that delivers an accurate and real-time picture of gun crime.  

Gunfire detection services to help reduce gun violence in your community

Is reducing gun violence a priority in your city?

The communities most affected by gunfire are least likely to call it in. With fewer than 1 in 5 shooting incidents reported to 9-1-1, gun crime is vastly underreported. When 9-1-1 calls are made, unfortunately the information provided is typically inaccurate. Without knowing exactly where to respond, police waste valuable time and resources driving block by block looking for evidence as criminals escape the scene. Dispatching officers to an active shooting without all available intelligence is a threat to officer safety and needlessly places the public at risk.

Intelligence-Led Policing
ShotSpotter gunfire data enables intelligent analysis. With that, law enforcement can move from the reactive to the proactive. ShotSpotter has been called “a force multiplier” because it provides critical information for better, more timely resource allocation -- especially important as agencies are being asked to do more with less.

ShotSpotter Flex quickly notifies officers of gunshot crimes in progress with real-time data delivered to dispatch centers, patrol cars and even smart phones. This affordable, subscription-based service enhances officer safety and effectiveness through:

ShotSpotter Flex Helps Police
Do More With Less.

Most cities face reduced budgets; yet law enforcement is being tasked with greater responsibility. Communities expect police to prevent crime, not simply respond to it after the fact. ShotSpotter Flex has been called a “force multiplier”, helping police departments use their existing resources more strategically, producing better results.

There’s simply no other system that delivers a digital record, including a snippet of a recording of a violent gun crime in progress. In addition, these records of gun crimes can be used as forensic evidence in court. Since each gunfire alert passes through several filters, including validation by highly trained experts, your responding and investigative officers can be assured that every ShotSpotter alert is indeed an emergency and forensically sound.

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